Zak Mucha, LCSW
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Heart Transplant


  • Heavyweight Champion of Nothing
  • Ten Angry Pitbulls, 2013 (trade paperback and ebook)

  • Heart Transplant
  • Dark Horse, 2010 (hardcover)

  • The Beggars' Shore
  • Red 71 Press, 1999 (trade paperback)
    Ten Angry Pitbulls, 2010 (ebook)



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  • "Kick 'Em Out and Keep 'Em Out," a profile of Rosanna Pulido, the face of the Minuteman Project in Illinois, Chicago Reader, March 09, 2006

  • "Expert Opinions," the trutch about Wikipedia, Allen Ginsberg, and a bunch of other stuff, The Zero, March 09, 2006

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  • "Gestalt," The Zero, 2005

  • "White Dirt," original fiction, Chicago Reader, December 30, 2004

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